Mystery called SmartCity...


SmartCity seems to be like Loch Ness monster. Everybody talks about it, look like they know everything about it, however, nobody has seen it properly...


What is a SmartCity really about? To analyze what a city truly needs, we met with a number of city experts and tourism groups, reviewed payment card systems and participated in several conferences. We held discussions with colleagues from major IT companies, the Slovak Tourism Board, CzechTourism and various ministries, and we met with the departments and employees in a number of big cities. We got to know some of the organizations working on the ground in these cities, spent some time at Matej Bel University and, most important of all, asked regular people and entrepreneurs alike what they lack and how they would approach the topic of a SmartCity.

All of the presentations we saw on SmartCities were focused on the Internet of things, or hardware that different groups wanted to implement in their cities. In these presentations, no one actually paid enough attention to the people living in these cities! So we took a different approach. Instead of technology only, our emphasis was mainly on connecting with people – citizens, entrepreneurs, tourists, students and schools.


We drag citizens into the city's dynamics while providing them with the constant access to information about the city and its benefits.

Students and schools

We establish startup center, closely cooperate with universities and invite students to work on our smart projects.


Our system is connected to National tourist system which gives all tourist information and benefits to tourists' hands.


Thanks to Business Club, entrepreneurs can increase their knowledge by deepening their knowledge in marketing and entrepreneurship.




We will switch your old web portal for new intelligent one that will work as an informational backbone of the city. The citizen can manage official documents, communciate with the city bureaus, find information about the city projects, free-time activities and even monitor the school activities and grades of their children.

The official city web portal, which is built on an open, progressive platform with a focus on simple orientation and motivation to visit the city's website regularly and on life situations of inhabitants.

 The intelligent portal will serve people and will be the basic information framework of the city.  The inhabitant finds exactly what he needs through a unique search engine, and clearly-designed life situations. The portal contains informative and legal parts and it always tries to get an inhabitant to the life situation he is looking for. The inhabitants also have a client zone and the opportunity to comment on city projects or to engage to a various surveys. Everything by using only three clicks, everything clear and intuitive. The city web portal will learn from its users and will adapt to them.

The entire web portal is very user-friendly and sophisticated for the city's administrators.

Module of the web portal: POI modul, where inhabitants can find a list of all merchants with instant online booking and payment options.


In partnership with MasterCard, we developed the unique City Card project that will favor citizens and become important marketing asset. The card can be used for payments, getting discounts, collection of loyalty points and other benefits.

Thanks to the Token technology, it can be used as entrance ticket, it is possible to pay with it in public transport vehicles, for parking and more.



Mobile app is also a web portal add-on. The city inhabitant finds news, current events that can be put into the planner, life situations, he can report a problem in the city, he can see solutions to problems in the city, and the parents can see their child's school attendance, their own City card, town administration and push notifications from areas of interest.



The system will be used to track attendance of employees of the school as well as students via City cards and Student's cards. With this system, by using the card, student can check-in and check-out at school, he can order a meal, can pay in the school buffet, can pay in the bus and also can pay within the city with some benefits. This allows parents supervise their child's school attendance online and also the finances directly in their local client area of the site and the mobile app.




A web-based tourist site with a clear structure of options for visitors to the city, interesting photos, videos and a funnel strategy that will be targeted to plan a trip. The tourist will be able to book and pay the trip on the web, and he can upload it via the e-pass to his tour card without having to print a voucher.


In partnership with MasterCard, we created a unique tourist card that favor tourists and will become your important marketing asset. The card can be used for payments, collection of loyalty points, getting discounts and other benefits.

Thanks to the Token technology, the card can be used as an entry ticket, too. The card is multifunctional, so it can be used whenever the contactless technology is available (e. g. transportation, ski resorts, sport halls, hotels and many more).



In 2016, 65% of people owned smarthphones while applications are their standard components. Our tourist application extends the functionality of web portal and in addition, it provides the navigation to points of interest, a virtual guide, a hotel assistant, rating and possibility to share experience. Simply everything necessary to the smooth trip, as well as to encouragement of other tourists.


We provide complex care to your clients, including consultations, implementation and operation of our solutions, as much as the appropriate support. Our experts will help you analyze and optimize your active systems the way your citizens appreciate and will not be able to live without them anymore.



MVI is an interesting startup that changes Slovak cities, regions and the state. They have world-class projects with which we rarely meet and we are glad to help them.
Martin DolejšMastercard
MVI has been actively involved in development of smart solutions in Poprad. Their solutions are are innovative and we appreciate their proactive approach. We are very satisfied with this partnership.
Mgr. Igor WzošVice-mayor, City of Poprad
We participate with MVI on Smart City project for city of Banská Bystrica, National Tourist System, and moreover, we are developing new co-working centre for students of our university. Their way of work, dynamics and vision are key aspects we value in this partnership.
doc. Ing. Anna Vaňová, PhD.Vice-dean for development, Matej Bel University


Smart City B. Bystrica

We create an intelligent city that will connect with its inhabitants, business people, students and tourists. We simplify communication and integrate individual systems into one comprehensive system. As a first step, we create a new, intelligent official city website and a mobile app for the inhabitants, which are both interconnected.  These systems will be complemented by other interesting features and will be improved on the basis of user experience analyses.

Smart City Kezmarok

City and school payment card with links to schools and various befefits throughout the city.

National Tourist System of Slovak Republic

We create a unified Slovakia tourism promotion for a domestic, but also foreign tourists. It is a largest project in Europe. The tourist will find all the points of interest, accommodation and events. Everything can be planned and bought as well. Tourists will always be helped by the mobile application on a trip and a nation-wide tourist card gives him special benefits.

Smart City Poprad

Based on the analysis and requirements, we created the design of the intelligent digital city of Poprad, which will connect with its inhabitants, entrepreneurs, students and tourists. We have connected city of Poprad and city Zakopane with a mobile app for tourists, and we founded in the city Fitcubator coworking space, as an initial step towards a better city with a vision.

Smart Žilina region

Žilina self-governing region is the first comprehensive region to collect information from regional tourism organization in tourism and displays it in its mobile app and a web planner. Events and routes are automatically transferred to the National Tourist System of the Slovak Republic. This is how Smart presents tourist attractions locally, regionally, nationally and internationally, with the only click in the administration.

SMART Tourism Promotion Project of Slovakia

The largest promotional regional project in Slovakia called GoSlovakia. Everything you can do, where you can go, all local producers and growers can be found on one web portal. An amazing project that connects not only the Trnava region but also the surrounding regions for the unified promotion of the whole of Western Slovakia.


We are thrilled to see you in the list of our clients. If you want to learn more about the project, you can contact us  with no obligations.



Our team consits of young people who has been working together for several years. We have software, hardware, firmware, sales, marketing and PR specialists at your disposal. Our job is our hobby and this is the reason why we approach the work with pleasure. Customer satisfaction is the center of our efforts so we try to be human, fair and helpful to each of our clients.